Ladies Bible Study Testimony

From Perla, Ladies Bible Study Leader (October 2017)

It has been exciting lately to see the spiritual growth in our ladies. Saly shared devotionals on the attributes of God two Saturdays in a row. Very powerful, with lots of verses. Zaidaly is so hungry for the Word, she goes home and continues reading the stories we start on Saturday and then comes back with more background knowledge! Her prayer is that she can be a light there in the apartments and she is inviting friends to Bible study. She is also attending church with her children on Sunday morning as well as Patricia. Patricia does not have a car so I pick her up and her 13 year old son. (attending Wayside with Perla)

We have been studying women of the Bible and they all participate in the discussion with enthusiasm. We began with Ruth, then Esther, and other godly women. Then one of them asked, "are there any 'bad' women in the Bible?" Well, the study of Jezebel was an eye opener even for me! I had never researched the historical sources for this lady. It makes us pray harder for good wives for our sons!

We use a timeline to help place all these people in historical context. Last Saturday we began studying Sarah. We are not using any specific book, just the Bible. Sometimes I look for information in Concordances ahead of time.

One reason I think Zaidaly has been so challenged to study the Bible more is because her daughter, Andrea (and before that, her son Alan) were in Kids Club. Especially Andrea, she takes care of the baby (1.5 years old) so mom can go to Bible study. She wakes her up and makes sure she goes Saturday mornings. She "disapproves" if Zaidaly wants to cancel. Andrea has so many questions, deep spiritual questions about the Bible, eternal life, etc. that Zaidaly is constantly coming with these questions and realizes she has to learn it for herself. This little girl is an evangelist!  


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