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Fall and the holiday season are upon us! At One Way International that means lots of outreach activity! 

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Kids Club began September  20th !
We have a delightful team and group of students this year!  The team includes 20 members and we have 85 students registered with more registrations still coming in.  We look forward to a year of rich learning of Old Testament Bible lessons and books of the Bible.  Please be in prayer for many to understand the gospel and receive Jesus Christ as Savior and for much growth in those students who have already believed in Jesus. 
Teen Time is going strong this Fall!

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School supplies have been given out, staff breakfast for all staff at Colonial Hills Elementary School has been provided, and students are starting their fourth week of school.  Thank you so much for praying for students and families and providing much-needed school supplies and even some backpacks that were gratefully received.  If you ever see good deals on school supplies, backpacks, and supplies for teachers and want to pick them up, we are more than happy to receive them any time of the year.  We use them for new students, teacher appreciation gifts, and pass them on to the family spe

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Teen Time retreat in July was amazing.  The teens had so much fun—the adult leaders were outstanding—the spiritual growth and unity of our teens was unmatched from other retreats!  We ate, played games, swam, ate some more—did crafts, rode horses, fed chickens, and ate some more—had Bible study, quiet times, worship, movies, and ate some more!  Everyone was safe and we are excited about this coming year of Teen Time.  One of our students graduated and joined the Navy so was not able to attend but we would love for you to keep these students in your regular prayers for safety, well-being, a

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        It’s June and that means His Hill Ranch Camp for 12 Kids ClubStudents!June 5th, twelve very excited girls and boys boarded a bus headed for His Hill Ranch Camp in Comfort, Texas.  They and their families were grateful for the opportunity of a week-long camping experience.  We were not able to send students to camp for the last two years due to Covid 19.  I enjoyed taking them to camp and ge'ng them checked in.  I le( and prayed they would have a great )me.  I woke up during the week praying they were having a good week.  Today when Pete and I arrived to pick students up, we were gr