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August 12th  we partnered with Wayside Chapel in providing a Back-to-School Breakfast for all staff at the school.  It was wonderful to see new and known faces, get and give hugs, and pray for the staff at the end of the breakfast.  One teacher aide started helping on campus August 6th  and others continue to join the ranks.  We have four grade level teacher aides running copies, helping with organizing, doing bulletin boards and laminating needs for all grade levels.

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Thank you for your generous gifts of school supplies! We will be delivering supplies to the students on August 7.

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KIDS CLUB will be starting in June at Kerrybrook Apartments.  We look forward to seeing and working with our special 2nd through 5th grade children at Kerrybrook.  We will be doing music, crafts, games, Bible lessons and Scripture memorization with them over the summer.  Snacks will be sent home in goody bags as we are doing with Teen Time students.  Pray that these children will be blessed and grow spiritually over the course of the summer.

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We want to keep you updated on Roman.  His mother continues to pursue every avenue possible to help get a diagnosis and help for Roman.  Both Roman and Tyvon have continued attending Teen Time weekly.  Tyvon is always by Roman’s side and Pete assists in the two getting home and upstairs to their apartment.  Hi mother, Crystal, has started a “Go Fund Me” page asking for financial support for medical tests, needs, and new housing arrangements in a ground floor apartment or house.  Roman has daily doctor appointments and therapy sessions.  If you are interested in following their story, you c

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TEEN TIME has met the past 6 weeks.  We meet with our 6 faithful girls for an hour and then our 5 wonderful boys for the next hour.  We have been watching and discussing episodes from “The Chosen” movies.  As we finish this series, they have requested that we study Old Testament Scriptures.  We are in the process of making a summer Bible study with activities and devotionals they can work on at home during the week.  They are looking forward to having “something to do” this summer when school work is done and they have lots of free time on their hands.