Champions Fore Charity--November 2021

Dear Faithful Friends,

Thank you for being supportive of One Way International in so many ways through the years—prayer, participation in ministry projects, and by giving financially to support our work.  We want to let you know that OWI is participating in the Champions fore Charity Program for the third year.  This is a special fundraising opportunity sponsored by the Valero Texas Open.  This year our fundraising goal for Champions fore Charity is $10,000 and your contribution would mean the world to us.  As you consider your year-end giving options, perhaps this will be something you believe God would have you participate in with One Way International and your charitable giving.

How One Way International will benefit. . .
We will receive 100% of every penny donated through Champions fore Charity on behalf of One Way International plus an additional 7% bonus.  We will be using your donations to further ALL ministries (Kids Club, Teen Time, and development of new ESL classes, Ladies’ Bible Study, and Men’s Bible study) at the Kerrybrook Apartments.  In addition, the monies will be used for His Hill summer camp for elementary students and a Teen Time retreat in August 2022. 

How you can donate . . .
We welcome donations of any size.  If God so leads you, please support us through Champions fore Charity by returning your completed check and pledge form to our office.  Be sure to fill out the BENEFITTING CHARITY BOX with our ministry name, One Way International.   If you prefer to donate online, you may do so at our custom donation page on the Champions fore Charity website as follows:  

How you can make an impact. . .
Remember, a gift of any amount will help us reach our goal of $10,000.  The beauty of this fundraiser is that 7% is added to any amount given-- if we receive $10,000 in donations, we will actually receive $10,700 with the 7% bonus Champions fore Charity will add to the total.  If we surpass that goal, Champions fore Charity will continue adding 7% to all gifts!  Should you have any questions or need more pledge forms, please call Joyce Velasquez at 210-342-0440 or contact her by e-mail at  Thank you in advance for your support.

Excited for what God will provide through the gifts of His people,
Joyce Velasquez, Executive Director

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