Our annual Kids Club—Gifts of Love Christmas Celebration happened November 29th.  It was a wonderful day!  From packing gift baskets, to loading and setting up for the day, to the acting out of the nativity story, choosing gifts, doing crafts, and eating pizza, the students enjoyed themselves immensely.  There were cheers of joy when we told the students they were going to get to choose a gift for their families and have pizza! We heard lots of “thank yous” for the gifts, pizza, and gifts they received personally as they left.  Thank you for the gifts and finances you gave to make this possible.  Thank you for your prayers for our public-school Bible club.  The week before Thanksgiving, a 5th grade student who had only started attending the week before, trusted in Jesus during our small group time.  God is working mightily!
Teens from Kerrybrook Apartments will be presenting the nativity in English and Spanish for their apartment complex community in early December.  Hot chocolate, cookies and cakes will be served and there will be 60 door prizes given out.  Most importantly, the Gospel will be presented in English and Spanish to all who attend.  Please pray for those who do not know Jesus to hear, understand, and believe in God’s Son—the greatest gift of all this Christmas season.   
Winter coats and jackets are still being collected for those who don’t have coats at the elementary school with which we work.  Sizes needed range from children’s small to adult medium.  Coats are given to students in grades Kinder through 5th.  We request coats given to be new or gently used, clean, and ready to distribute.  Texas is a place where we don’t usually experience snow and bitter cold, but for some children without coats, when the cold snaps occur, it can still be a bitter time.  Please consider providing a coat, hoodie, or jacket for those who are in need.  We will be accepting coats and donations to purchase coats and jackets from now through January.  Thank you for your consideration.

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