God is Love--February 2024

Kids Club has resumed and we are studying Christ’s miracles and New Testament teachings during the spring semester.  Students love the music time with action songs, learning memory verses, New Testament books of the Bible, and spending time in small groups with their small group leaders.  The one-on-one attention they receive is treasured by our students.  Ann and Noemi are visiting each small group presenting the gospel in either English or Spanish and answering any questions the students have about salvation.  Thank you for praying for this special time we have to teach spiritual truths to these precious young ones.

We continue to study through Old Testament lessons at Teen Time.  Recently, we studied about being an authentic Christ follower and what that means.  Up next, we will be studying David, Solomon, and other Old Testament kings.  Part of the time we spend with our teens each week is spent in taking prayer requests and helping them to become comfortable in praying for these requests individually within the group.  Please pray that they would see answers to their prayers and know they are from God, not just coincidences in their lives. 

As Colonial Hills staff receive staff encouragement gifts in their boxes this month, please pray that they will be encouraged, feel cared for, and know that there is someone thinking of them and praying for them.  Pray for safety in the school and community, and kindness to be demonstrated in Colonial families and school classrooms.  Thank the Lord for the on-campus security presence.  Please pray for all the new students who have arrived from across the border over the holidays to be able to find their way in the community and educational process.

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