His Hill Ranch Camp--June 2022

        It’s June and that means His Hill Ranch Camp for 12 Kids ClubStudents!June 5th, twelve very excited girls and boys boarded a bus headed for His Hill Ranch Camp in Comfort, Texas.  They and their families were grateful for the opportunity of a week-long camping experience.  We were not able to send students to camp for the last two years due to Covid 19.  I enjoyed taking them to camp and ge'ng them checked in.  I le( and prayed they would have a great )me.  I woke up during the week praying they were having a good week.  Today when Pete and I arrived to pick students up, we were greeted with big smiles and some tears.  In a short period of )me these boys and girls had grown a+ached to their camp counselors.  Most were not ready to leave.  When asked what their favorite ac)vi)es were, following were their answers: “ri/ery, canoeing, horseback riding, and swimming!”  They also enjoyed the singing and Bible )mes.  Please pray that the many lessons taught as well as the fun experienced will be long remembered by these wonderful students.Please remember our School Supply project in July.  We have over 30 students already registered and expect a total of 80-100 students registered by the July 13 deadline.  With in/a)on, there is a great need thisyear.  We will be collec)ng funds and supplies through July 25, packing supplies July 31, and distribu)ng supplies August 6.  Students go back to school this year on August 10.  Please pray for safety and a good year. We are looking forward to taking our Teen Time students on retreat July 19-21.  We have four girls and three boys planning on a+ending.   Please pray for a for a wonderful )me of prayer, Bible study, horseback riding, swimming, worship, and games as we enjoy spending )me with the Lord in the beau)ful Texas hillcountry.

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