Kids Club is Back--March 2022

 It was 5 weeks short of 2 years when we were able to provide Kids Club for the students on Colonial Hills campus once again.  God provided a team of 14 amazing individuals, (2 team members the week before we started!) to meet weekly for Bible time and homework helps.   As I look over the small groups during the second hour of club time, I smile.  The students are leaning forward toward their leaders, totally attentive, and enjoying every minute of time they are there.  Many have already recited 1 or more memory verses they have been challenged to learn this year.  One set of parents comes to pick up their two kiddos and asks each time, “Have they prayed yet?”  meaning, is their small group time over?  If not, they wait because they don’t want their children to miss anything, (and their children don’t want to miss out either!)  I announced summer camp to students last week and both students and parents are excited about the opportunity of attendance at a week-long overnight camp--His Hill Ranch Camp in Comfort, TX.  This is a scholarship camp for them.  We provide transportation, part of the $595 cost per student to attend, and snack bar funds for each.  Campers and their families are not charged anything to attend this camp.  His Hill is allowing us up to 25 students to attend this year.  Please pray for the parents and students God desires to go to be able to attend whether 1 or 25.  We will be accepting registration forms throughout March and April.
Teacher and library aiding continue on campus by our 8 faithful volunteers, none of whom have contracted Covid this year as a result of their volunteerism.  We are grateful for that and so thankful for their bravery to be our campus team.
Teen Time and Kids Club at the apartment complex continue with faithful attendance of our students.  We just welcomed 2 new students to Kids Club and are currently doing Kids Club in Spanish and English to meet their needs.
• Please pray for all team members, students, and families in the Colonial Hills family. 
• Pray for safety, good health, and rest during spring break. 
• Pray that God would supply the needs of families to whom we minister. 
• Pray for all staff members at Colonial Hills Elementary as they rest, travel, and enjoy their spring break.

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