Pray for Ukraine--April 2022

Kids Club at the school is going well.  We have 15 volunteers working with 56 registered students.  Students are busily working on learning 7 memory verses by the end of April when club closes down for this year.  The prize for learning all their verses is a Hands-On Study Bible.  One newly admitted young man came to me and said, “I want to see the Bible and see if it’s worth learning the verses.”  We showed him the Bible and he came back to me and perfectly recited 3 of the 7 verses.  Apparently the Bible was worth learning the verses for!  (smile)  This has been such a blessed time for us to be back at the school.  We look forward to returning next year for the full school year.  If you are interested in joining the team please contact me ASAP at (201-342-0440.)  We hope to get back to our normal enrollment of 120 students as soon as we have a full team of 25 volunteers. 
Parents are registering their students for His Hill Ranch Camp.  A representative from His Hill was at Kids Club March 29 to show a video of camp and answer any questions students or parents might have.  We are excited that they will be able to experience a week at a wonderful Christian camp in the beautiful Texas hill country again this summer.  Please pray for applications to be filled out and complete, transportation to be secured, safety while transporting students to and from camp and at camp June 5-10.
Please be in prayer for the dear Moldovans and Ukrainians risking their lives taking medications, desperately needed supplies and baby items to the Kiev area of Ukraine.  We were able to send money to purchase supplies for 2 separate one van trips and now a total of 6 vans are on their way as I write this letter.  These supplies are going to both soldiers and civilians.  It is a very dangerous but necessary journey for these men.  We know Johnny personally, (smiling in the middle photo.)  He LOVES Oreos and we used to take them to him when we made trips to Moldova.  Olga is Johnny’s wife with whom we have worked many times and they have a 4-year-old daughter.  We so appreciate the heart desire to help in this crisis but hold them in our prayers as we know the risks these men are taking to help their neighbors in Ukraine.  It takes one day to pack and load all the supplies, one day to drive to Kiev, and one day to drive back to Moldova after a short overnight rest.   If you would like to donate for supplies to those living through this horrible time in Ukraine, we will be happy to send money to those with “boots on the ground,” right in the center of the war.  Just designate “Ukraine” on a separate note from your check.
There are always needs.  Most importantly prayer needs.  If you decide to give financially, it is appreciated in any area of ministry.  We are involved in Kids Club, Teen Time, camp, school supplies, and Moldova/Ukraine.  There are also those day in and day out costs like stamps, paper, utilities, insurance, and salaries.  Thank you for your prayers and donations!           

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