Sharing the Love of Jesus--February 2022

In January we were not able to begin Kids Clubs and Teen Time as planned due to high numbers of Covid cases.  Instead, we did office work and planned for a February start of outreach ministry.  Kids Club team for Colonial Hills was trained and gift cards were purchased for families of Teen Time students at the apartments where we serve.  A donor designated funds for HEB gift cards for Teen Time families.  These families received much needed funds for groceries after the holidays.  Families are always appreciative of the needed food and gifts cards they receive.
Amazingly, it’s already February!  Kids Clubs at the school and apartments as well as Teen Time will all be starting the second week of February in person.  Students are excited to begin again!  We are excited to begin as well!  As we start ministering in person this month please pray for:
• Health and safety of students and workers so programs don’t have to shut down again
• Students to soak up the Word of God as it is presented to them
• Hearts to be ready for the gospel and decisions to be made to trust in Jesus as Savior
• Growth in those who attend who have already believed in the Lord Jesus Christ

It is your prayers, your gifts, and your physical presence that help One Way International continue to be able to do the ministry that occurs.  Without you, there would be no One Way International.  We continue to be grateful for your partnership.  May you enjoy the LOVE of JESUS in a special way this month.

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