School supplies have been given out, staff breakfast for all staff at Colonial Hills Elementary School has been provided, and students are starting their fourth week of school.  Thank you so much for praying for students and families and providing much-needed school supplies and even some backpacks that were gratefully received.  If you ever see good deals on school supplies, backpacks, and supplies for teachers and want to pick them up, we are more than happy to receive them any time of the year.  We use them for new students, teacher appreciation gifts, and pass them on to the family specialist at the school who helps families as they transfer or enroll later in the school year.  No supplies ever go to waste.
Kids Club began in September!
We are rejoicing that God is providing us a full team this year!  We have 18 team members with 2 still pending.  We do expect to have a waiting list so another 2-3 team members are welcome.  Registrations are arriving daily and students are excited for Kids Club to begin.  We are accepting second through fifth grade students once again this year and anticipate an attendance of 80-100 students. School scheduling needs compel us to teach the Christmas lesson the week before Thanksgiving and have Gifts of Love the week after Thanksgiving.  There will be no clubs in December.  If you would like to provide gifts or donate for the purchase of gifts, we wanted to let you know of the earlier calendar time this year.  We are already buying and accepting gifts.  Feel free to drop off any items you may want to donate.  Thank you for your prayers and generous support.

Gifts of Love will be November 29th this year!


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